The Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the Philippines and registered with the SEC in 1980.  Before its incorporation, the Association had been existing since 1948. 



      Among the purposes for which the Association was formed are:

1.  To safeguard the prestige and reputation of the PMA, and live up at all times  to the Academy’s ideals of  Courage, Integrity and Loyalty;

2.  To strengthen the spirit of camaraderie among its members and enhance their professional  growth and career advancement; and

3.  To promote the general welfare and protect the interest of its members.


        The PMAAAI envisions itself to be the most respected alumni association of men and women in the Philippines.



      To promote the general welfare and protect the interest of its members, safeguard the prestige and reputation of the PMA, strengthen the spirit of camaraderie among its members and enhance their professional growth and career advancement, and promote the highest ethical standards and good governance of the uniformed services.



        The values that shall guide the PMAAAI are:

  1. Courage - the bravery and valor against  the enemy, the fearlessness and the gallantry to stand up and fight for what is right, and the humility to acknowledge a wrong;

2.  Loyalty - the strong and unwavering allegiance towards the Constitution, the country, the duly constituted authorities, superiors and subordinates;

3.    Integrity – the uncompromising character trait exemplified by honesty, uprightness, moral soundness and strong principles; and

4.  Excellence – the excellence in the performance of official duty and in all undertakings.



In pursuit of the above purposes, specific programs for a particular association year are being formulated by the PMAAAI board of directors aimed at improving the collection of membership dues and voluntary contributions under the Special Fund for PMA Payback, prudent management of its funds thru safe investments, updating guidelines on the grant to qualified members of burial and medical assistance, and conduct of symposia on ethics and professionalism.



The activities of the Association, aside from the annual membership meeting and convention on the fourth Saturday of January, include the alumni homecoming in Baguio on the third Saturday of February during which the Cavalier Awards are presented, publication of the bi-monthly “Cavalier” magazine, holding of annual Cavaliers family sports festival and, occasionally, Cavaliers Cup (golf tournament and shootfest), symposia and seminars.


Alumni Chapters

        The PMAAAI has six (6) major chapters, namely:  Army Chapter, Air Force Chapter, Navy Chapter, PNP Chapter, PCG Chapter, and Business Industry and Retirees Chapter (BIRC), and various fraternal chapters.  A member has to belong to one major chapter, and may join any fraternal chapter as he wishes. The members in the active service belong to their respective major service chapter, while those retired or resigned belong to BIRC. The Association is also organized into PMA classes.

Affiliate Foundations

         The PMAAAI has organized four (4) affiliate foundations, with separate juridical personalities, for the purpose of serving particular needs of its members and the Academy and raising funds therefor. They are the PMAAA Educational Foundation, Inc. to help in the education of children of deceased and disabled members; the PMAAA Development Foundation, Inc. to help members in their entrepreneurial ventures; the PMA Foundation, Inc. to help the Academy improve the quality of its instruction; and the PMAAA Foundation for Truth and Justice, Inc. to help members who are charged in court of offenses committed in the performance of official duties. 


       The PMA has produced more than 9,000 graduates who automatically belong to the PMAAAI since its informal founding in 1948. These over 9,000 members have served well in the military, police, other law enforcement agencies, government, corporate organizations, and other leadership and management positions.

All graduates of PMA are automatically regular members of the Association. Graduates of foreign service academies commissioned in the regular force of the AFP are eligible for regular membership, while ex-cadets of the PMA who were separated therefrom under honorable conditions and other officers who served the PMA for at least three (3) years are eligible for associate membership. Only regular members have the right to vote and to be voted upon. 


Benefits and Privileges

The benefits of regular members in good standing include, among others, the mutual relief or abuloy in the amount of P50,000.00 to the next of kin upon death of the member; medical assistance in the maximum amount of P50,000.00 for a member suffering from a serious or dreadful disease or a serious injury; and free Cavalier Magazine published every other month.

Members have the privileges of using the Transient Officers Quarters in Camp Aguinaldo at a very minimal cost, and attending the annual membership meeting and convention, the annual alumni homecoming and other PMAAAI activities with no registration fees or other cost to the members.



       Regular members have the obligation to pay a one-time membership fee of P500.00 and monthly dues of P100.00 until their 50th graduation anniversary. Those no longer in the active service may opt to pay a one-time lifetime dues of P6,000.00 before their 40th graduation anniversary, P7,000.00 before 45th graduation anniversary and P8,000.00 before 50th graduation anniversary, or a refundable deposit of P10,000.00 if paid before 40th graduation anniversary to be refunded upon death or reaching 50th graduation anniversary.

       Members also have the obligation to attend the annual membership meeting and other activities of the Association.



Organization and Governance

      The management of the affairs and business of the Association is vested in a Board of Directors composed of nineteen (19) regular members elected by the General Assembly during the annual membership meeting, with the PMA Superintendent and the President of the Cavalier Lawyers Association as ex-officio members without voting rights.

        The day to day activities of the Association are handled by the officers, headed by the Chairman who is the chief executive officer and the President who is the chief operating officer, and various committees. The other corporate officers are the Vice Chairman, Vice President, Corporate Secretary, Treasurer and the Corporate Auditor.