The PMAAA Development Foundation, Inc. (PDFI), another affiliate of PMAAAI, was organized in 1982 principally to assist alumni in becoming more gainfully employed or in engaging in lucrative business enterprises.

         Regular members of the PMAAAI in good standing who are members of PDFI can avail of the following PDFI loan assistance programs, at interest rates computed on diminishing balance:

  1.  Entrepreneurial or Investment Loan Assistance

 For additional capital for existing or new business or for equity requirement of a loan from a lending institution to support a project, PDFI extends loan of P100,000.00 for first availment and renewal loans not exceeding P300,000.00 at an interest rate of 12% to 15% per annum depending  on the amount and term of the loan payable in one to three years.

2.   Educational  Loan Assistance

          For support of graduate studies, PDFI gives a loan for tuition fees and other school expenses, in amounts not exceeding P50,000.00 per school year, at 10% interest per annum, payable in two (2) years starting upon completion or termination of studies.

     3. Consumer Loan Assistance

         To help members purchase needed consumer items such as computers, laptops, notebooks, Ipads, other electronic gadgets, motorcycles, bicycles, and home appliances.  The loan ceiling is P100,000.00 at 12% interest per annum payable  up to two (2) years.


 PMAAA Development Foundation, Inc.


     4. All-Purpose and Emergency Loan Assistance

         For tuition fees of children and other emergency needs in the family, PDFI extends a loan not exceeding P20,000.00 payable in three (3) to twelve (12) months at 10% interest per annum.

            The PDFI also offers scholarship grants in college to bright children of its regular members, with potential as future national leaders. The scholars must have and maintain a general weighted average (GWA) grade of at least 1.75 or equivalent with no grade lower than 2.25 or equivalent, provided that grades in PE and NSTP, which must at least be passing, are not included in the computation. 


          The scholars are given a stipend of P45,000.00 per school year or P22,500.00 per semester.  The scholarship grants are funded from the yearly earnings of the Scholarship Fund, otherwise known as the Enduring Gifts Fund, endowed by generous individuals with a donation of P200,000.00 to P300,000.00. The PDFI supports 11 scholars in school year 2015-16.