The PMAAA Educational Foundation, Inc. (PETFI), an affiliate of the PMAAAI, was organized under the laws of the Philippines and registered with SEC in 1976 with the main purpose to raise and administer funds for the education of dependents of members of the PMAAAI.

       The PETFI’s ongoing educational assistance program covers elementary, high school and college education but, due to limited funds, is presently limited to dependents of deceased and disabled regular members of the PMAAAI.  Dependents include minor unmarried children as well as younger brothers and sister of unmarried members.  To spread the benefit, a maximum of two dependents per family may be extended PETFI scholarship at any time. These limitations may, however, be relaxed in the future as additional funds will allow.

         Presently, the amount of financial assistance being given to PETFI scholars per year are: P30,000.00 for  college, P20,000.00 for high school, and P18,000.00 for the elementary.  To maintain their scholarship, grantees are required to take normal academic load and to pass each and every subject. For each scholar, PETFI spends P378,000.00 from elementary to college.


The PMAAA Educational Foundation, Inc.


           A special scholarship is offered to PETFI scholars in college based on their scholastic performance, which is supported by the yearly income of a special scholarship fund of P300,000.00 endowed by benefactors.   A special scholar is given a yearly stipend of P33,000.00 if his general weighted average (GWA) grade in the preceding school year is 85% and above; P36,000.00 if GWA is 90% and above; and  P40,000.00 if GWA is 95% and above.

          For current SY 2015-16, PETFI supports 75 scholars: 46 in college, 17 in high school and 12 in the elementary. For the past 29 years, PETFI has supported 519 dependents of deceased and disabled alumni in their education, 282 of whom have graduated from college.

         The PETFI’s very laudable program is made possible by the contributions of members, donations of friends, special scholarship endowments, and fund-raising drives.  The PETFI, as a foundation, was registered with the BIR as a tax-exempt donee institution, and therefore any donation to it is fully tax deductible by the donor.

         Dependents of deceased/disabled alumni who wish to avail of PETFI’s educational financial support may send their application to the PETFI office.