2017 Cavalier Awardees and

other Outstanding Alumni

By Cav Melchor P Rosales ‘68 Chairman, Awards Committee 

          The Board of Directors of the PMA Alumni Association, Inc. (PMAAAI) has selected as Cavalier Awardees for AY 2016- 2017 twelve alumni who, after a stringent selection process, have been found to have the most outstanding performance in their respective fields. The Board has also selected seven other alumni to receive the Outstanding Achievement Award. They have brought honor not only to themselves but also to our Association. Besides exemplifying the Academy’s motto of Integrity, Courage and Loyalty, they have distinguished themselves among equally competent and outstanding alumni- achievers. The awardees, who merit our snappy salute and highest praises, are the following: 

Command and Administration

          Cav Galileo Gerard R Kintanar Jr ’85, PAF has excelled in his military schooling, having graduated on top of his class in his pilot training, intelligence officer course, squadron officer course in USA, and command and general staff course. He successfully finished his MBM at AIM and MPA from PCU. As a testament to his competence and professionalism, Cav Kintanar held key positions in the AFP. He has demonstrated outstanding performance as the incumbent commander of the Air Education & Training Command and former commander of the 15th Strike Wing. His administrative ability has been shown as former chief of air staff, and chief of the AFP Office for Special Studies. 

Staff Functions

          Cav Guillermo A Molina Jr II ‘86, as the incumbent DCS for Plans, J5 and chief strategic planner of the AFP, has been instrumental in developing inputs to top AFP and DND leadership, like the concept paper on Tri-Nation Combined Task Force which led to the Framework Agreement and SOP, and eventually to the signing of Trilateral Cooperative Arrangement among governments of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines to address growing KFR threats in their maritime borders; key recommendations on implementation of EDCA between the Philippines and the US; the validation of the Philippine External Defense Plan and completion of its Annexes; the review of the AFP CONPLAN and the MNCC; the final comple on and subsequent approval by the SND in 2015 of the 25-year delayed AFP Future Force Structure; the publication of the RAFPMP Quarterly and Year End Reports; and the painstaking determination of the Horizon 2 and Horizon 3 List of Defense Equipment needed to modernize the AFP from 2017-2028 under RA 10349; and the continuous fine-tuning of the AFP Strategic Basing Plan. In addition, he facilitated the US DoD’s requests for project lists from the AFP, for the years 2016 and 2017, to be funded under the US Maritime Security Initiative, totaling almost US42M out of the US50M for the year 2016 alone. He earlier served as ACS for Plans, A5, PAF where he pushed for the formula on of vital plans for the PAF such as the Air Defense Strategy and the PAF Flight Plan 2028. 

Police Operations

          Cav Roberto B Fajardo ‘87 is being awarded the Cavalier Award for Police Operations for his outstanding accomplishments as director of AKG where he effectively decreased kidnapping for ransom cases (KFRC; and neutralized 42 KFR suspects and led 32 KFR cases at DOJ, thereby greatly diminishing the KFRC in the country. His major accomplishments as regional chief, NCR CIDG were the arrest of Benito and Wilma Tiamzon, top ranking CPP/ NPA/NDF in Carcar, Cebu. He investigated the 1,004 missing AK- 47 rifles which ended up in the hands of the CPP/NPA/NDF which resulted in the filing of cases in the Ombudsman against senior officers in the PNP. He led operations against erring fellow CIDG personnel involved in extortion and illegal arrest, resulting in the filing of appropriate cases. 

Army Operations

          Cav Felix Ronnie B Babac ’93, barely a month as commander, his unit the 73 IB decisively encountered GF75 killing 11 and recovering 9 FAs; and after five months, he caused the dissolution of GF75 after his adept application of lines of operation that degraded rebels’ will to fight resulting in their abandonment of the armed struggle. At the end of 2016, 106 rebels surrendered to 73 IB. He shared his best practices (Success Story of 73IB) 17 times to all battalion and company commanders of the Phil Army during battalion and company commanders’ symposia. As commander of the 8th MIBn, the unit captured 6 ranking rebels and recovered 8 high powered firearms. 

Naval Operations

           Cav Ernesto O Baldovino’s distinct service in naval operations contributed significantly to the attainment of the AFP-DND mission, and his outstanding service reputation has conspicuously enhanced the institutional prestige of the PMA and its graduates. His exemplary portfolio of missions accomplished in territorial defense, force level command and control, humanitarian assistance and disaster response, civil-military operations for national development, and international defense and security engagements, immensely advanced the Navy’s mandate of protection of the country’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity, thus, resulting to the enhanced collective security and general welfare conditions of Filipinos in a maritime defense environment. 

Air Operations

          Cav Fermin M Carangan ’92, as A-3, orchestrated the successful conduct of the 69th PAF Anniversary celebration. He is a recipient of various awards, namely: Bronze Cross Medal for his acts of heroism involving risk of life as group commander, TOG 8 and Gawad sa Kaunlaran for his meritorious and achievements through the conduct of HARDR operations in areas affected by Typhoon Yolanda and community projects and CMO activities which encouraged stakeholders’ participation and cooperation. As Deputy A-8, he co-chaired the Air Force Working Group responsible in the development of existing bilateral activities with Southeast Asian nations. Further, he formulated the Quarterly Unit Assessment Scorecard and Accomplishment Report (QUASAR) which accurately measure the performance and accomplishment of PAF Units by ensuring that flight training are properly conducted, monitored and evaluated. 

Coast Gurad Operations

          Cav Joseph M Coyme ’94, as the incumbent commander of the Coast Guard Ready Force, manages the entire PCG ships, to include the shipboard career of officers and non-officers. He is a Command-at-Sea Badge holder after successfully commanding the DA-BFAR MCS-3004, BRP Romblon (SARV-3503) and BRP EDSA (SARV-002). As CO, SARV-002, he courageously completed a critical mission in Bajo de Masinloc against aggressive actions by Chinese patrol vessels in 2012. As commander, Task Force Maharlika, he orchestrated the successful rescue of 111 survivors of the ill-fated MV Maharlika 2 in Surigao Strait in 2015. He was also instrumental for the safe release of the two abducted PCG personnel in Jolo. Moreover, as chief of the exercise directorate of the PCG contingent, he contributed immensely to the success of Exercise CARAT 2012, a joint sea exercise between Philippines and US, wherein Navy and Coast Guard ships were involved. 

Special Operations

          Cav Reynir S Nirza ’02, known in the AFPJSOG counter terrorist operators community as “Wa’y Kurat”, is a true-blooded scout ranger, airborne free-faller, counter-terrorist operator and sniper. He was the lead planner of JSOTF-Vector that led the rescue mission in the Zamboanga Siege of 2013; lead planner of the AFP-PNP Interagency Critical Incident Response Force during APEC 2015; and leader of the force tasked to protect the Presidential and Vice Presidential Certificates of Canvass and Election Returns during the 2016 National Election. A highly-motivated SOF operator with exemplary work ethics who knows mission accomplishments come from being well-prepared, hard work and strong determination. 

Public Administration

          Cav Siegfred B Mison ’87, a respected public servant and a strong-willed leader, was appointed Commissioner of Bureau of Immigration in July 2013. He was highly regarded as a game changer who instituted major reforms and initiatives that led to the highest revenue collection and highest number of deportations in the Bureau’s 75- year history. He fought hard to restore honor in government service, and succeeded in his vision of leaving a bigger, better, and brighter Bureau. He is a gem sparkling with brilliance for his innovations, and is a servant leader that inspired others to live up to the true meaning of providing quality public service. 

Private Enterprises

          Cav Mario A Avenido ’81 is the president of Public Safety Mutual Benefit Fund, Inc. (PSMBFI), a private corporation providing insurance protection to its members. He is responsible in making the company a reliable partner of the PNP and other public safety agencies. His flexibility and innovativeness led to the implementation of several programs and projects which redound to the benefit of the general membership of PSMBFI. With his prudent management, the financial position of the company was further strengthened with a 21% increase from the time he assumed the office in the first quarter of 2014, allowing the company to provide more benefits to members over and above its contractual obligations. 

Alumni Affairs

          Cav Jose C Lapus ’65 has been very active in PMA alumni affairs having served as director and corporate auditor of PMAAAI, and chairman of its Ethics & Professionalism and PMA Alumni Center Renovation Committees. He is presently the vice chairman of PMA Foundation, Inc. (PMAFI), president of PMAAA Educational Foundation, Inc. (PETFI), corporate auditor of PMAAA Development Foundation, Inc. (PDFI) and treasurer of PMAAA Foundation for Truth and Justice, Inc. (PFTJI). He has performed his duties in these organizations outstandingly well. Cav Lapus is a donor to the PDFI Special Scholarship Fund and the PMAFI Professorial Chair Fund, and a contributor to the Special Fund for PMA Payback. His contributions to alumni affairs have gone a long way in making the PMAAAI a more responsive, supportive and caring association to PMA graduates and their dependents. 

Special Fields (Literature and Literacy Advocacy)

          Cav Vicente C Pangantihon ’68 (deceased) was among the few military professionals who are prolific writers. He devoted his literary talents to the upliftment of impoverished sectors of society especially among indigenous tribes. It was his belief that insurgency is a result of dysfunctions in society, hence cannot be solved with guns and bullets and only through education and literacy can ignorance and poverty be eradicated. He launched a Panay-wide literacy program to combat insurgency. The young and adults were taught literacy and numeracy, in addition to livelihood skills. He supported the education of orphans and indigent students thru his foundations. He helped defray the educational expenses of indigent students. On his literary talents, he published three books, namely: Kinaray-a English Dictionary, Thinking Aloud, and Karay-a Rice Tradition Revisited. He wrote many articles on historical heritage and cultures of indigenous and cultural minorities. As a lawyer, he extended free legal assistance to the poor in the barrios. 

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     The Outstanding Achievement Award is given to the following alumni who have distinguished themselves by being elected or appointed to high positions in government:

Cav Del n N Lorenzana ’73 as Secretary, DND, 30 June 2016 to date.

Cav Ricardo R Visaya ‘83 as CS, AFP, 1 July 2016 to 6 Dec 2016.

Cav Eduardo M Año ’83 as CS, AFP, 7 December 2016 to date.

Cav Edgar R Fallorina ’83, as CG, PAF, 9 March 2016 to date.

Cav Ronald Joseph S Mercado ’83 as FOIC, PN, 12 Nov 2016 to date.

Cav Glorioso V Miranda ‘83 as CG, PA, 9 December 2016 to date

Cav Ronald M Dela Rosa ’86 as Chief, PNP, 1 July 2016 to date